Full Bloom

Guitars are Mandragora’s essential tool, they play them well and super cool. Full Bloom this is called and I don’t think they’ll ebb, some of this sounds new as a morning spider’s web. But a new breeze blowing through should not be turned away, they might also work on vocals, though need not be Mel Torme.

A fusion of sound is their intention, do what they do without abstention. Except for the organist, who also plays cello, he wasn’t with the band yet, the poor unlucky fellow. I wonder what organ and strings will bring to this mix, could it be that the flaws in the sound they will fix? Because flaws there are; though I like their crunch, they’re lacking a powerfully strong knockout punch. They need more plays on words, some melodies divine, to fool around with their chances upon the danger line.

Mandragora is a band from Oklahoma, and here I sit reviewing them, a few miles from Tacoma. Gifts they have, they’re not just thrashing, which means I can speak of them without recourse to bashing. So I look forward to their full album, to see if they can cull the most exciting of potential here, and leave aside the dull.

I’m apt to like a keyboard player, and await his contribution; in case you’re wondering there is no reason why this rhyme was my solution.


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