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Nephlim Modulation Systems

Woe to Thee O Land Whose King is a Child

Big Dada/Ninja Tune

What is the sound of anger? Rage? Righteous indignation? What does it mean to be uncompromising? Do you know what it is to be completely unapologetic?

The answers to all these questions can be found here. In these times of Patriot Acts, dilettante liberal dissent and a consensus-leaning media, old Company Flow-er, Big Justoleum, and Orko Elouiem pull no punches. This album is a muckraking indictment that takes no prisoners — though I’m sure these two would love to shackle the entire Bush administration.

Big Jus and Orko are automatic-fire flamethrowers, spraying the entire album with incendiary lyrics. Rage in a bottle, they’re a tempest ready to blow. Everybody burns in their perfect, distortion-heavy, dark sound. It’s like P.E. meets Rubberroom. A hellish nightmare vision of the apocalypse yet to come (presumably, if Bush has his way). It’s the perfect synthesis of vision and sound. Jus and Orko hang you on the tether hooks of Armagideon and leave you dangling to fully absorb, to tremble, to be terrified by the hell on earth they know W. is creating.

Big Dada • Ninja Tune:

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