Om Lounge

Om Lounge

Om Lounge

Volume 8


Nothing, over the years, has said soulful downtempo like Om Records, and nothing exemplifies this more than their Lounge series. On its eighth outing, Om Lounge continues to be the perfect display of the label’s unique sound (even when some of the featured artists aren’t actually on the label).

This installment will not disappoint the loyal fan and is bound to convert new ones. Emo provides a nice dub ballad with “The Real Thing”; there’s the bittersweet cream of P’Taah’s peculiar soul, “The Oldest Story”; Rithma’s “Dream Again” is a brilliant somnambulist’s jazzy dream; Afro-Mystick gives up some afro-sweetness with “Momentary Visions”; Mark Farina teams up with Sean Hayes in the cutesy infection called “Dream Machine”; and King Kooba’s “Dreaming of You” is an utterly captivating Brazilian-inspired fantasy.

The Lounge continues to be one of the coolest spots in your stereo. Visit it often. And bring lots of friends.

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