Roy’s claim to fame is that they feature ex-members of the wonderful and spectacular Botch. Unfortunately, unlike Botch’s albums, Tacomatose absolutely sucks.

Roy sounds like a bad, mid-1990s indie pop band, a la Weezer or The Weakerthans. The music is sticky sweet, with some fairly catchy little hooks, but what they’re doing on this record is far from fresh. I guess on the bright side of the things, the guitars are really crisp and the melodies they play are rather memorable. But the drums need to be louder, as does the bass. Luckily for the listener, there are only five tracks here, clocking in at under 20 minutes.

As a side note, I really like the cover art. If the picture isn’t up when you’re reading this, it’s a brown and black cover, with blue text. There’s a jay bird of some type imposed over a faded picture of railroad tracks. Kudos to the artist; too bad the music is so mind-numbing.

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