Tales of Gross Pollution


Smogtown is (or was) a California group that recorded the contents of this album in the mid-nineties but somehow managed to make it sound as if it was recorded ten years prior. They capture the flat, lifeless production that punctuates so many of the punk bands from the 1980s, not to mention the musical banality. But the only stand-out track here is “That’s The Difference,” a rousing anthem that could be about comparing paper towel brands for all I know; the singer is a bit of a mush mouth.

After doing some research on Smogtown (and by “research,” I mean looking at the pictures in the CD booklet), I discovered that Smogtown once played with a band called Vader’s Crank. This is undoubtedly the greatest name of any punk band ever, and one can only hope that a disc containing that band’s recorded output will surface someday.

Disaster Records:

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