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Star 69 Extended Mixes

Volume 2


Imagine yourself. A lonely Friday night. You’re overworked, underpaid, musically malnourished. You need some escape. So, you go to the latest cool club. You enter the hippest of hipsterdom, where guys wear their testosterone on their sleeves and women show more flesh than cloth. Folks are drinking, ecstatic, and the nerdy DJ struts about in her booth like she owns the place. Because she does. The music’s hot, heavy and hard. The house is rocking to house, the 4/4 pounding and cracking the walls. Whether Latinized or splashed techy, people can’t resist. Infectious hooks stick in your head, and the contagious beat throbs you out to the dancefloor. You grab the first anorexic babe with an inverted gut you see, throw down her glo sticks and dance the night away.

Deep with the fever, you go to the coolest record store in town to recover from your hangover. You go up to the counter and la-di-dah hum all the songs you heard last night. The counterperson’s too cool for you; but he owns the store, and record sales have been down. So, he suffers your horrible singing and serious ignorance. Finally 12”s from Angelo Kortez, Alma Matrix, Airmale, Back 2 Back, Aubrey Richards and Vidal are stacked before you. Then, one disc captures your attention. All those names, all those banging house cuts that had you in an orgiastic frenzy with the wannabe model are on this disc. So, instead of all that wax, you buy Star 69 Extended Mixes Vol. 2 and are now ready for a hot house good time.


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