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6 Lonely Tales of One Lonely Riot Grrrl

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6 Lonely Tales of One Lonely Riot Grrrl is the debut album from the elusive Patagonian, a hip-hop/urban jazz aficionado from San Bernardino County, CA. Patagonian may take underground hip-hop and urban soul-jazz as his starting point, but this isn’t the smooth urban funk you might expect it to be. Sure enough, a couple of the tracks, such as “Hands in the Face of Time” and “Dead Batteries” sounds a bit like organic versions of what Ninja Tune used to do back in the first half of the Nineties, but this is a less beat-friendly affair; more sinister and uneven in tone. “Stealing My Sunshine Parts 2-7” crawls along with quiet fury, while the extended album closer “Sound of Collapsing Trains” is an eerie and extended piece of disjointed hip-hop funk. Patagonian may not revolutionize this area of music, but he delivers with brave solidity and a rare purposefulness, and 6 Lonely Tales of One Lonely Riot Grrrl is a fun exploration on the fringes of instrumental hip-hop.

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