Alkaline Trio

Alkaline Trio

with No Motiv, From Autumn to Ashes, Reggie and the Full Effect

House of Blues, Orlando, Florida • November 15, 2003

First I’d like to comment about how the Thrice and Thursday show sold out, but Reggie and Alkaline Trio did not. I’m very disappointed in music fans today, for they truly do not appreciate good bands in today’s chaotic music industry. These bands have been around for a while and are incredible, whether musically or just performance wise.

Opening was No Motiv, which obviously received no response whatsoever from the anxiously awaiting crowd who only had one thing on their mind: Alkaline. They had a mediocre show, didn’t move too much and didn’t stand out in my night one bit.

Autumn to Ashes was next, but this is not my cup of tea. The whole scream thing is not cool to me and I don’t quite understand it. They only potential that I saw was when the singer swapped and their drummer came up and sang. His voice was a substantially better effort and definitely appealed to more people. I’m really not sure how this band fits into the lineup.

Now for those of you who have never seen and/or heard of Reggie and the Full Effect, get with the program. What they do on stage is unlike anything that I’ve ever seen, complete with wardrobe changes and Hot Wheels- type cars. They perform as three different acts, one being Reggie, two being a one-man show, and three being a dark, gothic band. They are truly unique. I have such respect for a bunch of guys that can get up and act as foolish as they do.

Alkaline Trio blew me away. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them and they have definitely hit it big. I think that the kids in the audience were trained by Chris Carraba — it’s like a Dashboard choir out there. I was shocked to see how into the songs everyone was, I didn’t think anything could top the crowd at Thursday a few nights before, but this definitely exceeded my expectations. They played new, old, rare and everything in between. I could not believe what I was hearing, and as tired as I was I could not pull myself away. I stayed until the very end, like I was in a trance and addicted. Alkaline Trio gets two thumbs up for this one, and a recommendation to buy all of their albums early. Make sure to study every word so you too can join the choir.

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