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Evolution Of Energy


Hailed as having the punk sensibilities of bands like The Clash and The Sex Pistols, with a sound like The Pixies and S.E.A., S.T.U.N. (Scream Toward the Uprising of Non-Conformity) hit the scene on the Warped tour and tours with Marilyn Manson and then the Chevelles. The band has an old school punk sound that is reminiscent of ’80s skateboard music, although it’s much less distorted and comes through clean and strong. Lyrically, the songs are very political and rebellious, with subjects like encroachment on personal space (“Movement”), “Boredom,” and lots of talk about revolution (e.g. “Here Comes The Underground,” “We Want You,” “The Future Is Now,” “We Will Come To You”). Even the “love” songs are a bit heavy-handed in the lyrics department.

However, this is a really good album. The lyrics are strong but intelligent, and the vocal delivery is clear and easy to understand. The music is catchy and often very upbeat in contrast to some of the most serious lyrics. Picked as one of MTV’s “TOP 10 BANDS TO WATCH,” these guys have taken the country by storm, especially with their live show.

Best Tracks: “Annihilation Of The Generations,” with stutter beat and experimental guitars, a great rock chorus and interesting vocals; “Love And Chaos” and “Boys And Girls,” both have a great beat, interesting guitar work and anthemic lyrics. Weirdest Track: “Reuters” isn’t a bad song, it’s just weird.

Considering S.T.U.N. only has been together for less than 3 years, they’ve put together one hell of a punk album with all the right ingredients.


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