All Girl Summer Fun Band

All Girl Summer Fun Band

Summer of ’98

Magic Marker

All Girl Summer Fun Band boast quite possibly the most accurate name in indie rock. Summer of ’98 is, simply, four girls from other indie pop bands writing insanely catchy songs and singing about what they did earlier in the day. Barely any song breaks the two-minute mark and even Lou Barlow wishes he could get this lo-fi (you can actually hear instruments switch off at the end of the tracks). This might be detrimental to most bands, but it only adds to the AGSFB’s charm.

As spur-of-the-moment as the album feels, the band manages to throw in a good number of broken gems. “Drawbridge” and “Lipsmacker Kiss” are dusky and wistful pop ballads with not quite on-key harmonies. “Grass Skirt” has a chorus so catchy I’m finding it hard not to burst in to it this very moment. “Dreamy You” rides on excellent shimmying keyboard/bass riff and even finds time for a growling false ending. Listening to All Girl Summer Fun Band is like hearing the girls in your class you never even knew played instruments and finding out they rock & pop better than your band. Best get out their way, boy.

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