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First Flight

Journeys by DJ

There are several things that don’t come to mind when thinking of Sweden: jazz, funk, house. And, yet, they are all on this album. Of course, with acts like Nuspirit Helsinki, Stateless, Koop and the rap act Promoe, one should realize that there’s plenty of heat melting the icy fjord dancefloors of Scandinavia. In fact, Physics (led by Mikael Surdi and Torbjorn Olsson) is so damned hot, Journeys by DJ easily eschewed their long standing tradition of producing mix CDs to release this original album.

And, as soon as the first notes of “Give a Little Bit More” coat your speakers in a lazy funk glaze, you can easily see why. To put it simply, First Flight is one of the best dance adventures you’ll have this year. This band does not know how to misstep. They have a jazzy, funky fresh feel that will appeal to all soulful house and nu jazz fans. The vibe has a peculiar relaxed yet energetic feel. It drips with sex and haze. A truly erotic adventure (“Don’t Deny Me Love”) that is so infectious (“Flying Away” and “Believe in Love”) that penicillin can’t make it go away. Every song packs an unforgettable wallop that borders on the sublime. Hopefully, this First Flight will not be Surdi and Olsson’s last because the horizon is indeed quantumly bright for Physics.

Journeys by DJ:

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