Head of Femur

Head of Femur

Ringodom or Proctor


If I never hear another band described as “quirky” for the rest of my life, I think it would not be long enough. Too often, a band described as “quirky” is merely another way to describe a kind of lazy aesthetic; that is, an embrace of off-kilter rhythms, a pop sensibility infused with lyrics that embrace god knows what and an attitude that seems to exude, “Now, isn’t that clever?” Which brings me to Head of Femur. These guys are quirky to the core, and they fly their quirk flag high. They embrace the skewed pop sensibility of Neutral Milk Hotel and classic pop sounds of Brian Wilson and other Sixties luminaries to create a 40+ minute album that, at times, approaches the orchestral level. While it isn’t necessarily a bad album, and some of the tracks are quite good (such as “Yeoman or Tinker” and “Money is the Root”), overall it does little to move me.

Greyday Productions: http://www.greydayproductions.com/

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