Jean Grae

Jean Grae

The Bootleg of the Bootleg [EP]


Whoever said that girls were made of sugar and spice and everything nice apparently never told Jean Grae. This woman is all hard edges and razor blades. Grae doesn’t have to ram any Sprite bottles down her throat to get the “respect” that kind of “talent” could garner. She’s got skills that stand head and shoulders above damned near every MC out there. Her flow is laser sharp and right on point. No bullshit – from me or from Grae.

The Bootleg of the Bootleg is the EP follow-up to her mega-hyped debut, Attack of the Attacking Things. With the help of Cannibal Ox, Block McCloud, and Pumpkinhead, Grae has produced one of the best hip-hop joints this year. This former “Cameo Queen” is stepping to the forefront in her own right with a dope EP following an equally dope CD. She refuses to disappoint and, apparently, doesn’t know how not to shine. The 45 bonus minutes of her freestyle should convince you if the rest of the EP somehow doesn’t.

Grae is an incendiary star in the underground hip-hop cosmos. She ain’t trying to titillate with pubescent wet dreams and bikini tops. Ole girl’s got the skills to stand toe-to-toe with any dude and put those bobblehead bimbos to bed.

Jean Grae:

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