Junior Senior

Junior Senior

D-D-Don’t Stop The Beat

Move Your Feet [remixes]


“Everybody move your feet and feel united” – if it’s not quite a call to political organization it’ll do for the moment. And if early reports that Junior Senior are the new Pet Shop Boys (Rolling Stone #930) turned out to be greatly exaggerated as well, well, this funky, vocal-trading straight/gay duo will do till PSB get their mojo back.

Greatest self-promoting song since PWEI: “Go Junior, Go Senior.”

Greatest summer song since “Walking on Sunshine”: “Move Your Feet.”

Best lyric:

Junior: “Hey, gay, get out of my way!”

Senior: “Hey, straight, you’re too late!”

Unfortunately those are all in the first few songs, and after that it goes a bit self-satisfied but still, fun’s fun. A collection of six remixes of “Move Your Feet” is also available. Further investigation has moved me to declare that this is more than just a great summer song: It is quite simply the best simple, entertaining dance-pop since old-school Madonna or Bananarama’s Stock, Aitken & Waterman-produced records.

But, maybe I’m just spoiled because I remember Ms. Ciccone’s remix “collaborations” with Shep Pettibone, or Youth’s with the Orb and Erasure and Dave Bascombe’s with Depeche Mode. Or more recently Peter Rauhofer with Yoko Ono. I’m talking about the kind of remixes that are more than just minor variations on a theme, but which put the songs into a whole new setting. Here, although the Rascal Extended Club and atmospheric “DJosos Krost” remixes of “Move Your Feet” are enticing, neither is as brilliant as the original, Radio Edit or the live version included at the end of D-D-Don’t Stop The Beat.

Junior Senior: http://www.juniorsenior.com/

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