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One Little Indian

There are moments on this album that could make me think the new ABC I’ve been waiting for all my life – or at least since 1985 – is at hand. Like those smash hit Brits of yesteryear, Black Box Recorder have a sense of the ridiculousness and pomposity of pop, but they love it anyway, and their songs may not be as sardonic as they sound at first. Witness the achingly longing “I Ran All The Way Home.” Sarah Nixey’s vocals could perhaps use a little touch-up – just a bit more emotional engagement, surely? – but there’s nothing wrong with the writing by her band-mates John Moore and Luke Haines.

Highlights, in no particular order:

Listening to the lyric “Destroy your record collection/ for your own protection” and simultaneously thinking, “I know exactly what they mean” and “Are they CRAZY?”

The moment in “British Racing Green” where it threatens to turn into Queen’s theme to Flash Gordon.

“These Are The Things” – which you can currently hear at their official site – especially the intro. Yaz, Yaz, you’ve come back to me! And you’ve brought the Human League!

And last but certainly not least, any band with a song both called and about “Andrew Ridgely” is clearly one I’ve been overlooking.

One Little Indian:

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