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King Prawn

Got the Thirst

Golf / Plastic Head

UK ska-punks King Prawn have caused quite a stir in Europe’s indie underground over the course of ten years and three albums, and this fourth full-length was equally well received upon its domestic release in early 2003. The American audience, however, hasn’t really had a chance to catch up before now, with this being the band’s first trans-Atlantic release. But it’s been well worth the wait; although by no means groundbreaking stuff, King Prawn has come up with an album of surprisingly fresh ska-punk, an increasingly rare thing these days.

Politically bent and melodically strong, the London quintet takes its cue from the Specials, adding UK hip-hop, the pure pop sensibilities of fellow anarcho-punks Chumbawamba and the dynamics of Rage Against the Machine. It works beautifully, not least on fine tracks like the call-to-arms anthem of “The Dominant View,” the jaunty “The Loneliest Life” and the subdued “Raise the Banner.”

Got the Thirst is a beautifully crafted album with few, if any, weak spots. The band’s obvious selling point is their consistently strong and varied songwriting, but the tight performances and complex, playful arrangements help add tension and excitement throughout, making this one of the more diverse and downright entertaining ska-punk albums in some time now.

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