Snatches of Pink

Snatches of Pink



Who knew?

Who knew that we were overdue for a glam rock revival? Well, the jury might be out on that, but if your tastes run to T Rex, Hanoi Rocks and wearing really high platform shoes, then Hyena needs to be on your wish list. Brawny songs, loud guitars and the obligatory Bowie cover (“Moonage Daydream” this go round) bring back the mid ’70s in all their excessive glory. Snatches of Pink have been around forever, and while they aren’t going to make anyone forget Marc Bolan or Mick Ronson, they certainly attack the concept of hard rock with a vengeance, and more power to ‘em. If your favorite thing about Velvet Goldmine was the soundtrack (and if it wasn’t, you need to up your meds…) then Snatches of Pink might be just the thing for ya. Rock on, all you young dudes.

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