Wellwater Conspiracy

Wellwater Conspiracy

Wellwater Conspiracy


Wellwater Conspiracy is the teaming up of two rock & roll heroes: former Monster Magnet guitarist John McBain and former Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron. While Monster Magnet and Soundgarden both swim in the waters of power rock, there is enough variation between the two to make one think that this album (their fourth together) should encourage the growth of each artist and simultaneous meld their disparate styles. This is exactly what Wellwater Conspiracy signifies.

The entire album offers up strange twists and turns, as the guys pound out guitar heavy rockers one minute, only to turn into stoned out hippies playing psychedelic rock the next. Wellwater Conspiracy is at their best when rockin’ out, as the stoned-out parts get boring really fast. Thankfully, there’s more rock here than weird wandering. While Wellwater’s guitarist plays some pretty cool trippy guitar parts, he’s really a master of crushing power riffs, as evidenced by “Crow Revolt.” Matt Cameron has always been a champion of hard drumming, and his work here, while subdued a bit, is still worthy of praise and emulation by young drummers.

Overall, this is an enjoyable album. However, I probably won’t ever listen to it again, as the trippy parts ruin the rock for me.

Megaforce Records: http://www.megaforcerecords.com/

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