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Sea Ray is a six-piece band from Brooklyn that augments the traditional rock groups’ guitar, bass and drums with keyboards and cello. Their music evokes a rose-colored nostalgia for not that long ago, with a quirky, amiable spirit and liquid sound pools under sometimes dark lyrics. Going for an odd comparison here (and why not?), I ask you to try to imagine what would happen if the songwriters from Men At Work had their work performed by a version of Venus Hum who were denied half their keyboards and forced to use rock equipment.

Stars At Noon contains and expands upon Sea Ray’s 2002 Revelry EP, from which a couple of the best songs here – “Stray Dog’s Got It Made” and “Nicholas Ray” – are taken. Actually, “Stray Dog” dates back to their 1997 self-released debut, which makes me wonder, pointlessly since I haven’t heard it, how much the group has evolved over time.

Like a truly indie band, these guys – and one gal, the cellist – make chamber pop that knows Nirvana still happened. You all know what that would sound like, right?

Sea Ray:

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