Five Horse Johnson

Five Horse Johnson

The Last Men on Earth

Small Stone

Spawned from the same trailer park that brought us the Hellacopters, Alabama Thunderpussy and touring-mate Johnny Winter, Five Horse Johnson play inbred, ugly mammoth rock ‘n’ roll slugged out with hairy fists and sore throats. It’s all very manly, and it’s pretty good stuff too: funny and entertaining balls-to-the-walls rock, with none of the misogynistic stupidity of some of their peers (despite the tongue-in-cheek cover art). Rather, this is fun and careless hard rock with a foot and a half planted in bluesy swamps; a bar band raised on a steady diet of Aerosmith, ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Solid and tight, this is muscular rawk that’s been done to death and back again many times before. But as long as Five Horse Johnson keep doing their thing with such conviction and dedication, we can always take one more round of it. Good stuff.

Small Stone:

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