Place of Skulls

Place of Skulls

With Vision

Southern Lord

Place of Skulls has one of the most impressive pedigrees of any metal act around, founded by ex-Pentagram guitarist, Victor Griffin, and, on this release, featuring Scott Weinrich of St. Vitus and Obsessed. That’s right, you get two of the most important doom-metal guitarists ever to languish in obscurity. That these guys have been churning out some of the most interesting stoner/Sabbath inspired doom riffs around for some twenty plus years is important, but finally getting them together on this release is cause for celebration.

Together, Weinrich and Griffin craft wicked riffs and maintain the Sabbath-influenced sludgy grooves. The band doesn’t so much as rock as simply smolder all the way through the tracks. However, what separates this band from much of their bong-fueled compatriots is Griffin’s embrace of Christianity. While the lyrics don’t overtly amount to much, the absence of Satan, devils and other occult themes is somewhat pronounced. Instead Griffin (and Weinrich) sing about drug abuse (“Last Hit”), individuality (“With Vision”), the Civil War (“Long Lost Grave”) and slavery (“The Monster”).

While Weinrich and Griffin comprise the heart of Place of Skulls, one shouldn’t count out the rhythm section of Tim Tomaselli on drums and Dennis Cornelius on bass. These guys provide enough propulsion to hold this whole thing together so Weinrich and Griffin can unload their barrage of riffage. With Vision demonstrate that experience and talent still count for something, and Place of Skulls has both in spades.

Southern Lord:

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