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A Walk with Rocco


Rocco proves to be quite the multi-instrumental prodigy on his debut album. A Walk with Rocco is a tender and reflective collection of crafted Latin-tinged songwriter folk, equally indebted to lounge jazz as it is to the rural folksmen of the early ’70s. Nick Drake-like in its sweeping gentleness, Rocco sings lush and comfortable songs about love lost and found, performed with laid-back casualness that’s half arrogant, half inspired and always intriguing. The careful, acoustic brush of tracks like “Hold On,” “Gardens of Imagination” and “September Sadness” are at times devastatingly beautiful, and although the very nature of the album is whimsical and self-absorbed, this still makes for an endearing and comfortable disc. There’s nothing on here you haven’t heard before, but that doesn’t detract from Rocco’s immense songwriting talent, and his gift as a performer.

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