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Darkside of the Rumors

“The night is dark / The sky is dark / And your hair.. .is dark.” So croons Milo to open Darkside of the Rumors before adding, “Won’t you join me, dark / In my Happy World.” Dear Milo, I would join you in your Happy World any day. My love affair with Milo began with a Bliss Aquamarie compilation tape, Volume 114, of all places. His song “Minimalist” proved to be exactly what I needed to tickle my funny bone, as well as my spinal cord. No, I don’t really know what that means either… but, in short, Milo is awesome. The music has a sort of relaxed, lo-fi feel. His vocals range from a sad Tom Petty to a more sarcastic Nick Cave (can you get more sarcastic than Murder Ballads? Of course you can!). Milo belongs in the same category as Voltaire – “Let me go ahead and play some semi-sad songs with an undercurrent of satire and a hilarious wink or two.” Not that Milo sounds like Voltaire or anything. And as horrible as it sounds in writing, Milo’s Darkside of the Rumors is genius in practice.

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