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Stereo Motion

Stereo Motion


I’ve never really listened to Christian rock before. The closest I’ve ever come is the Creed songs on the radio and that song by Jars of Clay that broke through a few years ago. Oh, and MC 900 Ft. Jesus had some hot joints in the early ’90s. Okay, so he wasn’t really a Christian rocker, but doesn’t he get points for the name?

However, I can now say I’ve actually listened to an entire album in the genre. Stereo Motion, by the band of the same name, was a surprise — and a pleasant one at that. With the “garage days revisited” theme so prevalent in music, why should the Christian scene be left out? The ability of Stereo Motion is on par with any mainstream musician doing the same thing right now: Jet, the Vines, Ryan Adams (at least on his new disc). Hot guitar licks and a tight rhythm section, along with a singer who can mix a little bit of that sneering attitude into his voice… It reminds me of vintage Stones or AC/DC.

Most of the album — from opener “Steal the Show” to “The Revolution Times” — is just four guys jammin’ out and having a good time. But Stereo Motion also produces some pretty nice-sounding arrangements when they slow it down, as evinced on “Moonlit Sky” and “Loving Every Minute”.

The only thing that’s kind of weird on this album is that when you think they’re singing about, hmmm, let’s say a girl or hanging out, they’re referring to something — or actually, someone — else. For example, I don’t think the line “I’ll be satisfied forever / It’s because of you” is a statement of love to a partner, but rather to Him. It’s not bad; it’s just something I’m not used to.

And if it’s serving a higher calling, then so be it. But if they ever made the switch, the bands copping the classic rock sound better watch out.

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