Trouble Is

Trouble Is

Every Solution Has Its Problems


Every Solution Has Its Problems. True. For example, the solution is: Play “fun” sing-along punk pop with lyrics about partying, fucking and fighting. ‘Cause that’s what the kids want, right? Problem: Generic punk pop is shit, and the kids are starting to realize just that.

Trouble Is is a Jacksonville, FL four-piece who got lucky with a struggling major label a bit too early. So early, in fact, that they didn’t have the time to write a half-decent song before entering the studio to record this. “Rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to be nothing but a good time,” the press release claims, and Trouble Is specialize in the kind of fun you have when you’re male, white and 18, slurring sexist remarks from the back of a car. If that’s all there is to rock ‘n’ roll, then count me out.

Even at their most annoyingly catchy, Trouble Is produce third-rate formulaic crap you’ve heard before. Case in point: Even the band itself admits that their first single “Chemical” stinks. They’ve included it here anyway, since the label’s A&R guy loved it so much. Wussies.

Two redeeming factors: (a) The emphatic “Please Leave” has a nice chorus and some good words in it, and (b) the guys are clearly far more talented musicians than they are ambitious songwriters. But that’s hardly enough to save this pile of shit from sinking.

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