Electric Music AKA

Electric Music AKA

The Resurrection Show


On “Something Up With The Stars,” the first single from The Resurrection Show, Electric Music AKA have made a record with one of the biggest hooks of the past year. By that I mean the song repeats itself over and over in overdub, but what’s nice about it — so far anyway — is that it manages to be not annoying, as it so easily could have been, but likable. It sounds sparse, like a show tune from a musical in the experimental theater, autoharp and all. I like the rest of the songs too, but it’s harder to pick them out — autoharp or no autoharp.

There’s more of a block feeling to the remainder of the album, leaving me with the feeling of having enjoyed something without specifically remembering why. The Scottish duo sometimes sounds like New Wet Kojak without that American band’s deadpan absurdum.

I think… there’s something special here. But at the moment my perspective of this record is of one bright and shining star surrounded by a lot of fog. Fog can be nice too, oddly mellow and intoxicating. But a shining star can light our way.

Sanctuary Records Group: http://www.sanctuaryrecordsgroup.com/

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