*Sigh. I really have nothing to say in this review. It’s just become too hard to come up with a different, interesting way to describe a band whose sound is so entrenched in the rhythm of their idols. Feed, broken down into its components, is comprised of equal parts Pavement, Weezer, Tom Petty and Blur. So… yeah, they could be Superdrag, but so what? Their songs are like high school mix-tapes waiting to happen: perfect, punchy and faceless. I don’t want to come down hard on Feed because they’ve made a decent album, but I’ve probably listened to their influences just as much as they have and can’t get excited about hearing the same stuff again. At a different age, in a different time, I could really get into Feed, but now? Naw, I’ll leave it for you kids to decide whether they’re worth the time or not.

Feed: http://www.feedrock.com/

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