Kissing Tigers

Kissing Tigers

Trebuchet EP

Slow Dance Records

About every twenty years or so, we Americans like to recycle our pop culture. It can be argued where we see/devour it first: films, fashion, music, etc. But since I’m a music critic, I tend to recognize it there first.

Thankfully, when we do this it usually entails combining influences like the Sex Pistols’ aggressiveness with metal’s brutality with country-western’s emotionality and Walla Nirvana. See, that’s good. Yet, when uninspired bands (The Ataris) remake shitty songs (“The Boys of Summer”), it’s just idiotic.

So, why am I rambling about pop culture’s influence? Because, silly, the Kissing Tigers’ Trebuchet EP tosses what I’ve hated about most ’80s pop groups •- the nascent synths and nasal vocal whine •- with the ferociousness of punk drumming.

Ferocious? Drumming? I know, I know. Yes, the Kissing Tigers do just that, especially on “I Died in a Mall” and “The Fish Hook Is Fine Print.” It’s like Dave Grohl is tapping for New Order. Scary thought?

By now you are probably wondering if I even like the EP. Go buy it. Or, download it with that bastion of pop culture: the computer. Or don’t. I’m not sure what you should do, to be perfectly honest. If you do choose to obtain this CD, write me so I’ll know if I should like it or not. I’m confused.

Kissing Tigers:

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