Saddle Creek 50

Saddle Creek 50

Saddle Creek Compilation

Saddle Creek

Saddle Creek, an indie label from an unlikely place (Omaha, Nebraska), has been “it” for a while •- right behind New York, of course. What exactly is it about a “place” that attracts A&R and corporate goons, anyway?

Well in any case, Saddle Creek has been able to capitalize on the strength of a couple of strong indie acts such as Rilo Kiley and Cursive. Naturally, both bands make an appearance on Saddle Creek 50, a two disc compilation which features eleven of the label’s bands, each providing two songs.

The Faint’s “Worked Up So Sexual” is everything I hated about growing up in the ’80s. The clingy keyboards, unemotional drum machines, go-nowhere-fuzz guitars and deadpan delivery. Yet, “Take Me to the Hospital” would be a song my ’80s-loving wife would like.

Desaparecidos mimics the synth-pop ’80s in “Man and Wife, The Latter (Damaged Goods),” but mingles it with the current emo that is all the rage. Desaparecidos are the result of New Order covertly meeting with Fugazi every Saturday night for dinner and a movie.

The entire compilation is not an ’80s send-up, however. Azure Ray contributes their usual gentle harmonies. And, Bright Eyes adds “One Foot in Front of the Other,” an unreleased song that provides more of their staple.

If you enjoy Saddle Creek’s repertoire, this compilation is for you – after all, it offers eleven new tracks. Unfortunately, it is a hit-and-miss compilation otherwise.

Saddle Creek:

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