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Skid Row


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Why is it that hair metal bands just don’t know when to call it a day? Like the Japanese soldier who was found in the 1950s on a remote South Pacific island assuming World War II was still on, bands like Britny Fox, Warrant and Skid Row persevere, totally unaware that their names are forever associated with spandex, forgettable music and, well, bad hair.

Although the spandex may have gone away a decade ago — as has the bad hair, considering vocalist Sebastian Bach is no longer part of the group — not much has changed in the music department. In fact, when the only positive thing I can say about Thickskin is that it’s not as bad as Britny Fox’s god-awful offering from last year, Springhead Motorshark, you know the return of Skid Row is about as welcome as Michael Moore at Charlton Heston’s house.

Why have Skid Row bothered to record an utterly pointless punk version of hit ballad “I Remember You,” called “I Remember You Too”? Pass. Why, when two of the original members, including the lead singer, have left does the band still bear the name Skid Row? Pass. Why do I feel the need for a stiff drink? Probably because I’ve managed to listen to Thickskin all the way through without finding one praiseworthy thing to write about it.

Skid Row:

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