The Natural History

The Natural History

Beat Beat. Heartbeat


The Natural History may be another blues-inspired New York rock band, but they deserve more recognition than the others. Drummer Derek Bockins provides a steady back beat without glam or unnecessary filler; he knows his job and he does it well. Bassist Julian Tepper lays down his thumps with precision, and guitarist Max Tepper plays straight-up, emotional blues guitar while keeping his singing controlled yet allowing hints of true passion to poke through.

Beat Beat. Heartbeat, the band’s first full-length album, is aptly titled due to its organic tonal quality. It maintains the everyday, somber moods of the Everyman that so encapsulates blues-rock, preserving the melancholy of the relaxed heart.

But unlike our tumultuous times, Beat Beat. Heartbeat doesn’t incorporate the excited, fast-paced rhythms of fear, love, anger…

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