The Quick Fix Kills

The Quick Fix Kills

Saint Something

My Pal God

The Quick Fix Kills is a band that owes a lot to DC Hardcore types like Fugazi, Jawbox and other angular, artsy emo bands. They could easily, and with justification, be called Fugazi rip-offs. But when the listener takes time to search deeper within Saint Something, there’s a slew of lovely nuggets just waiting to be discovered.

First and foremost, there appears to be a real homage to late 1970s art-rock bands like Gang of Four or Buzzcocks. The guitars aren’t distorted, but they’re rather overdriven, revisiting the raw sound employed by many punk bands of the late ‘70’s. The vocalist for The Quick Fix Kills seems to have a Guy Piciotto complex, thus strengthening the Fugazi comparisons. Interestingly enough, I am also reminded of Lousville’s legendary Metroschifter at times, while at others, the he reminds me of the late Sean Patrick Macabre of Ink and Dagger. The songs definitely have a downtrodden feel to them, much more so than a typical Fugazi album – and the songs here aren’t as complex as even the most un-angular Fugazi record.

All of this leads me to believe that I am in love with Saint Something. It’s absolutely awesome! It rocks hard throughout the entire album; the vocalist has a ton of attitude and passion, the guitars are raunchy sounding and while the drums could be louder, they do the job in pummeling me sufficiently. I honestly believe that fans of Ink and Dagger will enjoy this, as we have had a hard time finding anything similar since Macabre’s death. This is a strong release, period!

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