The Tyrades

The Tyrades

The Tyrades

Broken Rekids

The Tyrades’ press release makes the bizarre claim that they are “Chicago’s first and only punk band.” Now I certainly don’t believe any of that, but had they said “one of the best…” they might have been on to something. The band’s herky-jerky stomp on the appropriately titled “Cut Your Feet Off” and the boy/girl stutter of “Message From the Operator” come across like an amped-up version of the Talking Heads. Later they channel alternate reality, anti-synth Devo on the monotone “Couples,” keeping their new wave/post-punk roots all chopped and raw. The band’s ace in the hole, though, is singer Jenna. Her nasal faux-British snarl and scream more than trump reining Grrl punk queen Brody Armstrong and her Distillers. These days, when it’s so easy to do punk wrong, it’s so nice to hear a band that does it almost completely right.

Broken Rekids:

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