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It’s taken Vertical Horizon quite some time to finally get Go released, but the wait has certainly been worth it. Brimming with melodic, radio-friendly modern rock, the album may be too slick for some tastes, but there’s no doubt the band’s sophomore major-label effort shows a solid continuation of the material on their double platinum Everything You Want.

This time around, Vertical Horizon turn to John Shanks to twiddle the knobs in the studio, but there’s no massive stylistic or sonic shift from their debut in evidence. If anything, songs like “Sunshine” and “One of You” are slightly heavier than anything in the band’s back catalogue. But punchy opener “When You Cry” is typical VH, as Matt Scannell’s trademark vocals soar among an irresistible melody and clean riff.

“I’m Still Here” is more of the same, but with an even bigger chorus. “Forever” is a heartfelt mid-paced tune that screams out for radio play, while the epic, string-infused “Inside” and beautiful ballad “Goodbye Again” are the pick of the slower songs.

There are a couple of fillers, but overall, if highly polished, commercially-orientated contemporary rock is your thing, then you should definitely make a stop at Go.

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