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Usurp Synapse was one of those bands that required a bit of patience to enjoy. For the most part, their music was destructive, chaotic, spastic and completely devastating; at times, it bordered on completely unlistenable. For those patient enough to give this incredible discography a complete listen, the rewards are both plentiful and bountiful, for it reveals one of the greatest spazzcore bands ever, developing, backwards, and mutating into a terrifically frightening monster!

Disinformation Fix sounds like two different bands. The band, which broke up a few years ago, came together briefly to record the “ATM Diatribe Rehearsals,” which make up the first few tracks of this double disc. The result is mathematical, sludgy post-hardcore in the vein of Shotmaker. I, personally, prefer these tracks to any other on the discs, as they have the best production quality and rock the hardest. What follows these sessions is everything the band did, including rare split 7” tracks and EPs. What’s rather amusing is watching the band digress through this discography, from the spastic, violent spazzcore of their early years to the sludgy stuff at the end of their career. At times, they sound kind of like a sped-up Heroin or Angel Hair, while at others, they sound like a more violent Brainiac or Arab on Radar. Nevertheless, die-hard fans will relish in the fact that their rarest stuff is all here in a handy two disc set.

Finally, something should be said about the spectacular artwork: it’s fairly simple, yet attractive and appropriate, given the type of band Usurp Synapse was. The two discs are housed in a lovely, black glossed gatefold digipak case, with what appears to be heart monitor readings, running from left to right, in a neutral green. It’s drab yet ominous, and it represents the feeling I get when listening to this superb discography. Fans of the violent and chaotic will delight in this one.

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