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Doghouse Records has become flypaper for just about any emo-pop band worth listening to. Feable Weiner is yet another really catchy, enjoyable pop band, and Dear Hot Chick, if properly promoted, will make Doghouse leader Dirk Hemsath another large stack of cash to put next to the piles from The Get Up Kids, All American Rejects and Hot Water Music’s Forever and Counting.

Feable Weiner sounds like a cross between All American Rejects, Green album-era Weezer and That Dog (with male singers). The songs are crafted in a very Rivers Cuomo kind of way: triumphant and grandiose, with melodies taking center stage. I also hear hints of 50,000 BC-era Shudder To Think on tracks like “Catalyst,” which is one of my favorite songs on the album. The guitars here are very big and polished sounding, which works perfectly for this power pop stuff. The lyrics are standard “emo” fare, but this is way more pop than it is angular, choppy, or gritty (things I used to equate with “emo” music). The boys sing about lost relationships, school, rockin’ out and other teenage stuff. The vocalists completely steal the show, with an infallible knack for the syrupy harmony that instantly attaches itself to the listener’s brain, never to leave!

Simply put, Dear Hot Chick is awesome! Fans of anything poppy and fun will literally crap themselves over this addictive and nearly perfect record of superb pop songs!

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