Landmine Spring

Landmine Spring

Are We The Culprits?


Although they’re named after a Quicksand tune, Landmine Spring actually feels much more like Meantime-era Helmet in terms of the sonic wall of concrete they create here – except, they don’t seem to be quite as fascinated by stop-start-stop dynamics. Naming both of the previously mentioned bands as primary influences, the boys in this UK four-piece have certainly learned a thing or two from their predecessors. With Are We The Culprits? (their domestic debut) they churn out the sort of rib-crushing, head-stomping metal/rock that would please both Schreifels and Hamilton alike.

Admittedly, there’s nothing terribly original here. Yet, Landmine Spring makes the best of what they’ve got, and almost manages to make up for the lack of innovation with their pure heaviness and precise, unflinching execution. That said, it’s all well and good, but if I were you, I’d save my money and spend it instead on Quicksand’s Slip or Helmet’s Meantime – both of which you can probably find in the used or bargain bins for a fraction of the price. If you’ve already got those in your collection, then by all means, pick up a copy of Are We The Culprits?; it might be your kind of medicine.

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