Pinhead Gunpowder

Pinhead Gunpowder

Compulsive Disclosure [Reissue]


Most of you probably already know that Pinhead Gunpowder features Billie Joe from Green Day. Often times, when a musician has a band other than his or her “main band,” the reason they do so is so that they can express themselves in a manner different than the way in which they do in said “main band.” With Compulsive Disclosure (their first album), this is hardly the case.

For the most part, this album sounds like a grittier, messier Green Day. There is little new to offer from Billie and company here, other than a pretty cool ditty called “Landlords.” It sounds like a cross between an acoustic Social Distortion and Hot Water Music, and is by far, the best track on the album. I’m not sure I should even call this an “album,” given that the nine songs here clock in at a trim 14 minutes. Compulsive Disclosure sounds pretty much like a bunch of Green Day throw-aways, with one really good song. Buy at your own risk.

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