Real McKenzies

Real McKenzies

Out & Aboot

Honest Don’s

Punks in kilts! And they’re not from Scotland. Blasphemy, I say. Blasphemous! Hold on, hasn’t this been done before? Yes! Okay, stick to the music, ignore the gimmick, I remind myself.

Out & Aboot opens with “Cross the Ocean,” a song that sounds more like a late-‘80s rock revue produced by David Coverdale and Iron Butterfly. Intended? Doubt it.

Like any good punk record, you gotta have a dedication song, right? “Droppin’ Like Flies” does just that, espousing: “Droppin’ like flies / those old punk rock guys.” Clever, ain’t it? Not really.

Oh, and the sneers in the band photo would be okay, I suppose, if it weren’t for two things: that you’re all wearing kilts and that your drummer can’t seem to keep his on.

As you may have guessed, Out & Aboot is not worth the dollars. Unless you like this kind of thing.

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