Sunshine Blind

Sunshine Blind

I Carry You

Underground Inc.


Goodbye to all the worries. Goodbye cruel lovers and cruel others.

On their latest album, I Carry You, electro-rockers Sunshine Blind paint a landscape that can leave the listener thinking, “Man, life really does suck.” Co-founders C.W.H.K. and Caroline Blind blend their music and words, respectively, to create what appears to be a desolate place from which there is no escape. And, with the added layers of sound created by band member Mark27, the mood becomes even heavier.

The opening track “Surrounded by Sage” features a dark, world music-laced rhythm, with Caroline’s powerful and haunting voice floating ominously above. “Shy Anne” opens with her singing, “Fifteen cents to their next fix is the way to live for half my friends.” The “band-on-the-run” song “As Above, So Below” tells of life on the road, where Sunshine Blind has spent a lot of time over the past few years.

But before you decide that it’s all too hard and the world is too messed up, and you decide that there is no point in going on, take a closer listen and you’ll find a pleasant surprise: life does have meaning, and no matter what kind of crap comes your way, leave it behind and keep going until you get where you want to be.

“Snake Charmer” shares the idea that it would be better to be alone than to put up with your significant other treating you like dirt. And in true anti-establishment fashion, on “Hanging Lake” Caroline sings, “It’s time that we replace the idols that have pulled us down / It’s time to burn so we can build again / Tonight the temple comes down.”

With I Carry You, “goodbye” can have many different meanings. I recommend listening to this without losing sight of the one that gives a sense of hope.

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