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Black Cherry


Giving listeners the best reason to get on the dance floor, or get it on (or both, if you’re in the right club), Black Cherry is the intensely sensual trip-hop follow up to 2000’s Felt Mountain. Goldfrapp retains the chill cinematic soundscapes they are known for on tracks like “Hairy Trees,” as they begin to explore a newfound aural erogenous zone. This strangely danceable album drips with innuendo and dark, throbbing synthesizers. Alison Goldfrapp’s cabaret vocals and orgasmic moans are hauntingly beautiful when set against Will Gregory’s opulent keyboard sequences. “Strict Machine” thrusts with an industrial, S&M intensity, while the sonic striptease of a bassline on “Train” alone will have you searching for a condom. When Alison coos, “Put your dirty angel face /between my legs/ and knicker lace,” you’re more than willing to oblige.


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