Nice Ladies!

Nice Ladies!

The Washington Post and New York Times each have interesting stories from two different sides of the abortion rights debate. The Post writes about the “new wave” of young women feminists who are taking over from the old guard:

“This independence helps explain how Padilla — a politically liberal, first-generation Mexican American — can debate abortion rights with a politically conservative Orthodox Jew and still consider him one of her best friends. Or why Dina Morad, a young grantmaker for a nonprofit organization in Washington, doesn’t run away from a conversation with a new acquaintance who is opposed to abortion.”

“Another defining characteristic of this generation, which some young feminists believe may be crucial to their long-term success, is the ease with which young women and young men relate to each other. Increasingly, women say men should be notified when their girlfriends or wives get pregnant and consulted about the decision to proceed with the birth or abort — a concept of inclusion anathema to earlier activists.”

Over in The New York Times, the story is the fact that “the anti-abortion movement has become part of the establishment.”

“There are many different assaults, and it’s incredibly important for people to connect the dots and recognize that they are all part of an overarching plan to eliminate reproductive rights,” said Gloria Feldt, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. But they find themselves fighting legislation that, in and of itself, seems unobjectionable to many moderates – among the voters and in Congress.”

“Still, the abortion rights camp might not be able to rouse the American center again until there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court. The next president may be able to name two or more justices to the court, given that there has not been a vacancy since 1994. The fight could become raw and fundamental again, very quickly.”

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