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Last Chance

An obvious but apt point of comparison for The Jolenes is the Go-Go’s in their “happy little blue-haired punkettes” phase. Before producers like Richard Gotteher and Rob Freeman snapped them into shape, in other words. The Jolenes’ Rinse and Repeat features songwriting that isn’t half bad, but the performances, recording and/or mix are negligible and depressing, so much so as to make it not worth it. It sounds as though it was recorded from the bottom of a wet cardboard box.

Some of these deficiencies may have already been corrected by the band; it is interesting to note that although Candy Blystone is listed as the trio’s drummer, one Zoe Mendell is credited with actually playing drums on all tracks. Methinks I smell a Pete Best situation. If so, it was a good move, because the drumming on this album is truly awful.

Somebody get these women a producer, and quickly.

The Jolenes:

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