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A State Of Trance 2004


Apparently, right under everyone’s nose, trance music has achieved its third renaissance. With his now classic trance anthem “Blue Fear,” Dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren has been credited by those in the know as launching this next phase of trance music. Once “Blue Fear” became a Sasha & Digweed set staple, it catapulted Van Buuren into clubs everywhere. Before it was all said and done, Van Buuren was anointed as “it,” and the rest is history.

Holland has been shaking, quaking, shimmying and sashaying to the sounds of Armin Van Buuren for quite some time. His latest CD, A State Of Trance 2004, is causing the rumble to go global. A State Of Trance 2004 features 24 trance anthems, chosen by Van Buuren himself because they offer “something different” from the derivative commercial trance fare inundating clubs and airwaves. Van Buuren’s seamless mix emphasizes a warmer approach to trance. This set is somewhat more personal and soulful in both melody and composition than some other mix compilations out there.

Van Buuren has gone out of his way to make the album come alive. Mark Otten’s “Tranquility” opens it all up, putting us on notice that we are in for a ride. Super 8’s “Alba” revs it up, leading up to Valentino’s “Flying,” which takes the mix up a notch before it winds down with Terry Bones VS Fred Baker’s trippy “Introspection.” However, the true star of the album is Armiun Van Buurin himself. Besides offering a nicely paced collection of songs, his new single “Burned with Desire” closes down the first disc with high-octane percussion and streaming bursts of energy.

Despite track selection and smooth song transitions, A State Of Trance 2004 remains a niche album. If you hate trance music, this is not the CD to win you over. Although Van Buuren delivers racing, speeding breaks and a continuous assault of winding rhythm, he fails to offer anything groundbreaking or inventive. Conversely, if you love electronic music, trance or dance music in general, then Van Buuren’s mélange of soulful vocals, hardbeats and elegiac backgrounds is right up your alley.

Armin Van Buuren:

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