Break The Silence

Break The Silence

Near Life Experience


Near Life Experience, the debut LP from Chicago’s Break the Silence, bleeds hard-core progression. Lead singer Dan Wintercorn has no problem going from screaming to singing, and then back to screaming. At times, he sounds like a more aggressive Gregg Graffin. The band manages to keep up just fine with an equal parts punk, metal and hard-core sound.

Near Life Experience offers a sound that shows how creative and diligent this band is. On “Six Foot Revolver,” they combine a fast sound with perfect vocals, using gritty punk melodies: “I’m falling into all these places that we had / A few too late, nothing to do with it / Happened all so fast / I didn’t feel a thing.” “Iris” is all about that aggressive-metal sound. “Close my Eyes” starts off punk but then drops bombs of screams and finishes with a slow beat and slow vocals.

You can’t help but tap your fingers while this albums plays.

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