Just a Fire

Just a Fire

Light Up

Asian Man

Light Up is indicative of my current CD collection, swollen almost to bursting with promos. It’s an album shot through with such mediocre, meandering tracks (dub, reggae AND sloppy indie rock all in one?!? Where do I throw up?!) that the disc would seem bound for a quick exit if it weren’t for one stellar song. It’s the title track: five minutes of solid, no-frills rock. Is it enough to prevent me from giving up this disc? Yes, for the time being — long enough for me to amass enough trashy albums with golden tracks to compile a mix CD of said songs. I’ll dub the disc “Saved From the Gutter,” and quietly usher this lil fella out the door.

Asian Man Records: http://www.asianmanrecords.com/

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