Strange Seasons


Supporting the likes of Ryan Adams will never do any band’s career harm, as Nadine will no doubt testify. Now signed to Pete Yorn and Rami Jaffee’s Trampoline label, the St. Louis-based band seems to have fused the rootsy, Americana sound of their earlier releases with more of a pop edge to find their true voice.

Yorn and Jaffee don’t make a habit of picking duds, and the satisfying blend of retro rock and bright melodies on Strange Seasons proves that without question.

Frontman Adam Reichmann has an endearingly plaintive tone to his voice, and the band’s songs — while at times edging towards melancholy on “Rocking Chair Song” — feature brightly lit melodies such as on the album’s standout tracks “Different Kind of Heartache” and “Beautiful.” The band’s sound is rich and full, emphasized by Matt Pence’s judicious production and the expressive accompaniment of Steve Rauner’s keyboard work. The standard of songwriting rarely slips, as demonstrated by the brilliantly atmospheric and yearning “Cold Chill” and the raucous rock of “Something’s Gotta Give.”

Impressively written, performed and packaged, Strange Seasons comes highly recommended from a label which does exactly what it says on the tin. Nadine are indeed on their way up.

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