The Bumblebeez

The Bumblebeez

Red Printz EP


Chris and Pia Colonna are a real brother and sister musical effort that have given us another reason to love red and white. The Aussie natives’ color coded EPs fuse noisy, nihilistic art-punk with avant-garde electronica. Shoddily recorded laptop music has never sounded so good. Their first release, White Printz, established their high tech, low-fi sound that evokes memories of the Beastie Boys and Midnight Vultures-era Beck. Red Printz retains that innovative energy and adds Neptunes-worthy beats to their genre blending repertoire. The new direction is largely influenced by the time Chris spent in Brooklyn, discovering the underground hip-hop scene and studying art. Pia’s acid-tongued rap and Chris’s experimental breakdowns are the sonic equivalent of anarchist graffiti. The EP’s atonal and abrasive tendencies are not only forgivable, they’re indicative of an emerging class of music. Rock is not dead, but garage rock might be soon if Strokes clones keep replicating. Genre-defying groups like Outkast and Dizzee Rascal will be the industry’s salvation. Once the buzz-worthy Bumblebeez release a full length, their names will surely be added to this list. White Stripes who?

The Bumblebeez:

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