Alhambra, CA band Tigerella make their “proper” debut with this self-titled full-length, proving that dreamy indie pop isn’t — and shouldn’t — be a thing of the Nineties. Influenced by bands like Belle & Sebastian and Yo La Tengo, this is a neatly strummed (electric) affair of charming and quirky pop songs, telling tales about mad robots and life under the sea. It’s naïve and simplistic, but in a clever, satisfying manner, ensuring this is far more interesting than it probably should be.

Yvonne Ng’s deadpan vocal delivery is absolutely great, infusing the music with a sense of charm and wonderment. The band aren’t exactly instrumental virtuosos, to put it mildly, but they get the job done through creative playing and a sense of what the songs need in terms of space and tension. Hardly world-altering stuff, this one still comes highly recommended: a warm-hearted and clever album of life-affirming and delightful songs that never pretend to be more than just that.

Tigerella: http://www.tigerella.com/

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