Red Storm Rising

Red Storm Rising

The influential and much-loved by the military author Tom Clancy has a new nonfiction book out about retired Marine General Anthony Zinni.

It’s part of a series of such books he has written, in part to counter his perception that:

“In the movies, military leaders are all drunken Nazis,” said Clancy, who has worked on books about retired General Chuck Horner, who led US Central Command Air Forces during the Gulf War, and retired General Carl Stiner, whose missions included the capture of Panama leader Manuel Noriega.”

For what it’s worth I think that perception is true, and that it’s good to have a little “equal time” out there.

What’s getting a lot of play in the press is the fact that Clancy and Zinni have joined the ranks of those critisizing the Iraq war. Zinni says of Saddam:

“He’s a bad guy. He’s a terrible guy and he should go,” Zinni said.

“But I don’t think it’s worth 800 troops dead, 4500 wounded – some of them terribly – $US200 billion ($286.8 billion) of our treasury and counting, and our reputation and our image in the world, particularly in that region, shattered.”

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